Appraisal Nation offers a wide range of products designed to help clients close on their loans with ease. To find out about the specific products we offer, just hover over any of the boxes below.

Single Family

Single Family

1004 – Full Appraisal (Interior/Exterior)
2055 – Drive-By (Exterior Only)



1073 – Full Appraisal (Interior/Exterior)
1075 – Drive-By (Exterior Only)


Cooperative Unit

2090 – Full Appraisal (Interior/Exterior)
2095 – Drive-By (Exterior Only)



1004C – Full Appraisal (Interior/Exterior)



1025 – Full Appraisal (Interior/Exterior)
*The 1025 form includes a rent schedule



Commercial Narrative Appraisal Report
Form 71A Long Form (> 750k)
Form 71B Short Form (< 750k)

Additional Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your current turn-times?2020-08-11T13:25:02+00:00

Average turn-times vary based on location, valuation product, and property characteristics. Click Here to find our average turn-time by state for full appraisal products. To place a quote request for a unique or atypical property, place your order in the system and be sure to notate “Quote Only” in the additional comments.

I need to order a rush. How fast can you get this appraisal done?2020-08-11T13:26:46+00:00

Rush orders are completed upon request, based on appraiser/agent availability. When entering your rush request, please confirm the date needed and our team will confirm pricing and availability.

Which appraisal form (job type) should I order?2020-08-11T13:26:18+00:00

Residential appraisals are completed on specific forms based on the property type. Click Here to find our list of products for each property type. If you need additional assistance determining the product required, please contact our appraisal services team.

How do I dispute an appraisal?2020-08-11T13:26:15+00:00

Our Quality Control team has developed our Appraisal Dispute form to assist with your reconsideration request. Please provide your completed dispute form and/or additional documentation to To reach our Quality Control Department, please call 866-735-0901 ext. 6.

How can I change the lender name on my appraisal?2020-08-11T13:27:54+00:00

Whenever there is a request to change a client name it is automatically considered a new assignment as per USPAP.
• Compliance, quality, and customer service are our highest priorities. Appraisal Nation created the following policy to better service your needs and to protect against conflicts of interest as well as compliance concerns:
o Appraisal Nation will only facilitate a lender name change if Appraisal Nation was the original AMC.
o Only one new lender name change is permitted per order (property address).
o Typically the standard cost of a new lender name change will not exceed 75% of the original appraisal fee (fees may vary depending on location, property features, appraiser availability, etc.)
o Any change in the original scope of work constitutes a brand new order.
Please contact our Client Service team at for your transfer requests.

How can I refer an appraiser to your company?2020-08-11T13:27:34+00:00

If you would like to refer an appraiser to join our panel, please email their contact information including license number to our Vendor Management team at

Do you offer discounts for multiple properties (bulk) ordered at once?2020-08-11T13:27:16+00:00

Bulk order discounts are available for 5+ properties located in the same market area. Please contact our bulk team with a list of the properties to be appraised so we can provide a fast quote.

What is the fee for this state?2020-08-11T13:29:31+00:00

The standard fee will populate based on product, location, and property characteristics. Contact our Client Relations team at to obtain a copy of your current pricing sheet.

How does Appraisal Nation select the appraiser for my order?2020-08-11T13:29:05+00:00

Appraisal Nation assigns appraisal reports based on a combination of factors including qualifications, geographic competency, proximity, current ranking, and appraiser workload.