COVID-19 Information

We are here for you! Appraisal Nation is operating normal business hours and remains fully functional. We have taken action to ensure health concerns are addressed as we continue to serve your needs.
The majority of our employees are working remotely (social distancing). Being a cloud-based company, we are happy to report that all lines of communication are available to you and we will continue to operate throughout this pandemic.

Appraisal Delays

Announcements/information regarding this outbreak are emerging rapidly. Combine this pandemic with the refinance volume surge and our industry will continue to experience appraisal inspection delays, report delivery delays, and overall extended turn-times.
Appraisal Nation will monitor each of your orders closely. Our teams will communicate any known delays quickly and work toward the fastest resolution possible.


“California Governor Gavin Newsome’s order marks the first statewide mandatory restrictions in the United States to help combat the outbreak. It went into effect at midnight Thursday, meaning Californians should not leave home except for essential things such as food, prescriptions, health care and commuting to jobs considered crucial.” – CNN
At this time, Appraisal Nation’s appraisers continue to conduct interior inspections. Only 2% of our approved panel have suspended interior inspections. We will continue to offer our full array of interior products in California and the remaining 49 states, and will communicate any delays or changes promptly.

For Appraisers

We have reviewed and updated our business continuity response plan to ensure we remain fully functional. Our company will continue to operate throughout this pandemic. We have also communicated with our lenders/clients to help protect appraisers and their family. Lenders/clients will screen borrowers/owners and/or agents prior to placing orders with Appraisal Nation.
Lenders/clients will have a conversation with the borrower/owner and/or agent about COVID-19 to identify any risk of infection. This conversation will also provide the borrower/owner and/or agent with the opportunity to ask the lender questions or to assure them that appraisers will not inspect the property while ill. At this time, they will let the borrower/owner and/or agent know that appraisers may be wearing gloves, a mask, not shaking hands, etc.
Just as other real estate professionals, appraisers must be mindful of their obligations under the Fair Housing Act, and be sure not to discriminate against any particular segment of the population. While COVID-19’s outbreak began in Wuhan, China, that does not provide a basis for treating Chinese persons or persons of Asian descent differently.