We care about our Appraisers

Many AMC’s look at Appraisers as just another number while blasting out fee quotes and accepting the lowest price. At Appraisal Nation, we know each Appraiser by name. We strive to build long lasting relationships with our Appraisers through fair rates, top-tier support and consistent work. At Appraisal Nation, you’re not a just number, you’re part of our family.

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Why Appraisal Nation?

One of the biggest concerns we receive from appraisers looking to join our panel, is that they will be just another number in a database of names. Many appraisers feel they are used and then thrown away by most AMC’s. Not at Appraisal Nation. Our guarantee to appraisers; You are NOT just another number. All of our appraisers matter to us equally. When you join our panel, you are joining a family. Appraisal Nation has over 10,000+ appraisers nation wide – and we know them all by name.

We believe that in order to be the best AMC possible, we need to get to know our appraisers while letting them get to know us. In order to properly service our appraisers, our Appraisal Placement team consists of a small number of people, tasked to handle our growing list of appraisers. When you call most AMC’s you reach a call center. You never know who is going to pick up the phone. It’s not personal. It’s robotic. At Appraisal Nation, we want you to get to know our Appraisal Placement team on a first-name basis. Many of our appraisers are so grateful for the way our team engages them on a daily basis, that we often receive gift baskets and various goodies from our appraisers as a way of saying “Thank You for being the best”.

We offer:
• Easy access to enterprise-class support
•Simple monthly payments
•Seamless access to both current and past payments
•The ability to set your own vacation status
•Personalized support on a name-to-name basis
•The ability to pre-define your standard fees
•The ability to define your coverage area by county
•Multiple contact methods available to get support from Appraisal Nation

If you’re ready to join our network and experience the Appraisal Nation difference, call us at 1.866.735.0901, option 2.

Hear it from our Appraisers

Working with appraisal nation has been a wonderful experience. I have always felt like the support and communication sought out in an AMC was above expectations in working with them.

Amanda Knockeart, Allpoints Appraisals,LLC

Working with Appraisal Nation is always a great experience.  They are always responsive, and provide me the support I need to do my job effectively

Erin Lorenz, Residential Appraiser

I have worked with Appraisal Nation for years now in both Colorado and now Florida. Great Communication and Customer Service!

Ladon Johnson, Residential Appraiser