AN Advantage+2020-02-19T01:58:25+00:00

AN Advantage+

The AN Advantage + is a joint venture between two of the best mortgage service providers in the country. Appraisal Nation and Credit Plus. This partnership allows Appraisal Nation to offer Mortgage Products typically not provided by traditional AMC’s.

Appraisal Nation can now process and manage ancillary products that lenders presently pay overhead costs for. More importantly, by adding certain products in with Appraisal Nation’s present services, we are able to eliminate the lender from ever paying the fall out costs of these products again.




What products are available?2020-02-19T01:59:53+00:00

With any appraisal product, you can add Flood Certifications, Tax Return Verifications, SS89’s, Undisclosed Debt Monitoring and Manual Verification of Employment

How can I add this package to my order?2020-02-19T01:53:14+00:00

For more information about the Appraisal Nation Advantage+ program, please contact your client account representative today!

We currently charge borrowers for most of these items. Where is the cost savings?2020-02-19T01:51:12+00:00

When you handle these items in-house, you’re required to pay the fall out, such as employee labor costs, processing fees and more. By purchasing this through Appraisal Nation, we handle everything for a single price.

How are Tax Return Verification handled?2020-02-19T01:49:24+00:00

A complete borrower signed 4506T is uploaded to Appraisal Nation’s site at the time of order request. The form is then submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) who processes the requests and sends back a two year income verification. This is uploaded to our site and can be emailed to the client as well.

Who provides the flood certification, and how will I receive it?2020-02-19T01:48:29+00:00

Flood Certifications are provided by LPS and are Life of Loan. Core Logic Flood Certifications can be provided ONLY if lender required. Floods are emailed in PDF format and/or uploaded to Appraisal Nation’s secure site for 24 hour access.

Do certain products HAVE to be ordered?2020-02-19T01:47:42+00:00

No. The lender can choose to add one or all of the product to the appraisal request.

Is this RESPA compliant?2020-02-19T01:47:11+00:00

Yes. Our absolute priority is protecting our clients. This product was reviewed by both companies real estate attorneys and is 100% RESPA compliant. The following is an excerpt directly from RESPA: …”For purposes of the preceding sentence, the following shall not be considered a violation of clause (4)(B): (i) any arrangement that requires a buyer, borrower, or seller to pay for the services of an attorney, credit reporting agency, or real estate appraiser chosen by the lender to represent the lender’s
interest in a real estate transaction“…